Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Zoe Challenge - Hope for Justice

This was the month of the Zoe Challenge with Hope for Justice (check out their web site).
Hope for Justice exists to see the end of human trafficking and slavery in the UK, in our generation. 
This group of guys are cycling from Latvia to Southampton - they hit the UK today - day 16 -  and have 4 days of cycling still ahead of them before they can rest.  They have gone through so much to raise money so that people like Zoe can be set free.   Take a look at the web site or check out their facebook page by typing Hope for Justice into the search box.
The Source Youth Club decided to to help - HOW? by doing a sponsored exercise bike ride covering the 345miles of the UK leg of the journey. 
We are a small church with a big heart.  Our Youth Club, made up of young people from the community, who are not particularly church goers, cycled, sponsored, baked cakes, painted nails, and cheered on others who were cycling during a 2 hour youth club session and a 4 hour Zoe Challenge event.  They gave up their time and raised over £800 to help end Human trafficking.  I'm not able to put pics of the young people on here but here are some of the leaders of the Youth Club and also the Act for Justice team all doing there bit.
Please support this fantastic charity and if you can give please go to facebook or the web site and see what these amazing guys have gone through in their  bid to end Human Trafficking and to make your donation.  It isn'tjust happening in the UK it's in your country too. Thanks
Mark and Ruth (leaders of Act for Justice, Cannock) about to start the group off on their sponsored exercise bike ride.
Jean doing her 5 miles

Gary and Ruth (leader of the Source Youth Club) doing their bit

Gary and Mark still cycling
Pastor John happy to be taking part

Ruth has had her nails painted inbetween cycling

Keith giving Vikki a few words of encouragement

Rebekah feeling the heat
Andy having a great time
'We're just about there Ruth, keep going' says Mark

Ruth knows we've made the 345 miles
Source Youth Club leaders -we made it and we're still smiling

Yeah we did it - Act for Justice Team

Sandra (Pastor's wife) came along to encourage and help serve the tea and cake

Mary, Chris, Marlene and Gary enjoying the tea and cakes

Marlene and Gary came along to cheer everyone on

I know I speak for everyone when I say a Huge Thank you to all who took part, especially to the young people who gave their time and, a special thanks to Josh, Sasha, Olivia, Hannah, Steven, Elliot, Tom, Joe, Shannon Charlie, and a whole host of others.  Thanks everyone.