Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Word of God

I was so blessed last Friday at Kid's Club at church. It was my week to share a story with the children and after praying I chose Mary Jones and her Bible. The children really listened as I related this story to them but I was also blessed reading again about Mary. Born over 200 years ago and at 9 years old decided she would save up for a Bible of her very own, so precious was the word of God to her. At the age of 15 she walked 25 miles to Bala to buy her greatest treasure, her very own Bible.
I was leading the service on Sunday evening at Church and shared just a few words about how precious God's word is to us and how I'd shared the story of Mary and her Bible with the children. I kept thinking I can't talk to adults about Mary but did so anyway as I'd prayed and just believed this was what I was to share.
Pastor came to give us the word and he opened with 'Jean didn't know what I was going to speak about tonight but it's about the Bible and God's word'.
It was such an encouragement to me to know that the Lord was in this service and in my sharing about Mary. How precious the word is still today.
And did you know the KJV is in it's 400th year. Precious indeed.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Easter is on the way

Here we are in 2011 and I am hopeful it will be a year when I will spend more time with the Lord than I did in 2010. I'd like to be reading my bible more, definitely praying more and even blogging more and I know Christmas is now well and truly over (I think it was over on Christmas Eve for a certain store that shall remain nameless, they had started selling 'Easter Eggs', yes I know 'Easter Eggs' can you believe it? I know it's true because my son bought one as an extra Christmas present for his wife!!) but I wanted to share with you a song that a friend dropped in my inbox from youtube. Hope you enjoy it and may it begin to remind you that yes, Easter is on the way, and this is why it is celebrated.