Friday, 13 May 2011

Within the Veil

I was so blessed by a little book I was reading. It is about the tabernacle of God in the old testament and was telling about the 3 entrances - the first was through the curtain into the court; the second was closed off by the curtain of the holy place and through this only the priests were allowed to enter when they performed their services; the third entrance was the veil that closed off the holy of holies. The priest was not even allowed to enter here, only the high priest once a year on the day of atonement.
The first entrance the book said invites sinners and many enter, they become redeemed sinners. Those who have entered instead of being sinners are now priests. Having entered they are allowed into the heavenly sanctuary but many just stay at the altar.
The question was posed - Do they find the veil too narrow, or too high or too sacred? - perhaps they then don't dare enter in. They are allowed to proceed and enjoy so much more, but they don't.
Every Christian has the privilege of entering as a priest into the presence of God to offer up spiritual sacrifices of praise and worship. We are allowed to do what the priests of old were prohibited from doing - we can enter into the holy of holies through that third entrance, through the last veil into the immediate presence of God - why? Because when our Saviour died on the cross the bible tells us the veil of the holy of holies in the temple was rent in two, from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51). It was torn by God, not by man.
The death of Christ opened the entrance to the glory of God. How awesome!
In the early days of being a Christian I knew all of this but somehow over the years I've almost forgotten it - but just reading this last night has let me see once again that if I don't enter in to the very presence of God I may be missing out on what he has in store for me.
I think perhaps like at the beach when I want to test the water I dip my toe in before going any further and maybe I'm just a little like that at the moment but instead of just dipping my toe in I need to be stepping right in.
I know that the Lord is bringing me to a point in my life when I just want more of Him and this has to be my prayer. I don't know where he will lead and I guess part of me is afraid of where he might lead but I do know that He is my very life and I want to be the person He wants me to be. I will just wait on the Lord for now.
But ... What a privilege - we possess full liberty to enter into the sanctuary through the veil. This privilege is yours and mine if you are in Christ so let us boldly walk into his presence. (Heb 10:19-20)