Monday, 29 March 2010

A lesson well learned

Well don't you just hate those times in your life when you do or say something that you can't take back and then ...... let me tell you what happened.
It was my grandson Tom's 3rd birthday and so we set off on Friday evening , my son, daughter in law and the children and spent a lovely weekend at legoland. (Hopefully pictures will follow). We had prayed the weather would be fine and Lord did not let us down. Just before leaving to head back to the hotel on Saturday Tom was firing water from some water jets. They were aimed at lego frogs in the middle of a round circle of water jets. Sadly some boys were aiming at the people and trying to soak them. Tom's asthma had been bad and Marc had said not to go on them because he would get wet but he was loving it until a very small boy aimed the water jet ... not at Tom .. at me. I moved very quickly. He continued aiming this jet at other people and his mum told him not to do it but then became quite oblivious to the fact that he was soaking people. Well to be truthful I did something I'm not proud of ... I moved Tom's arm slightly so that the little boy got a taste of his own medicine and the water jet aimed at him. The mum went crazy, thought it was some boys at the opposite side and went over to give them a telling off at which her youngster continued to wet other people and then yes aimed the water jet at me again and really soaked me and Tom. Now this again is something I'm not proud of ... without hesitation I went over to the mum and told her in no uncertain terms that instead of shouting at others she should keep watch on what her own child was doing. The poor woman tried to apologise but I was having none of it and told her she shouldn't be shouting at others when her own son was doing the same thing. I then walked away to where Marc and Sam were only to find they had moved away ... why!! Sheer embarrassment, they both looked at me and mentioned something about 'vengence is mine saith the Lord'. There were other things to like being kind, not being angry etc and I tried to justify myself but .... you probably guessed the rest the Lord convicted me and showed me just how petty and childish I'd been in wanting to teach this youngster a lesson, and in fact I'd come off worst, I really was soaked. I felt really bad and ofcourse had to say sorry to the Lord and to Marc and Sam and had to let my grandchildren know it was not how you reacted when someone sprayed water at you. If I'd been able to find this lady again I'd have had to apologise to her too because I did not show the Lord or myself in a good light. I certainly think my light was well and truly hidden. A lesson well learned.