Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I can see clearly now the leaves had gone!!

When I was out driving I passed a house that had a 'For Sale' sign outside and the words SOLD in big letters across it - I'd never noticed the house before. Further along the road I passed 2 more houses and realised I hadn't noticed these before either, although it was a road I had quite frequently used.

As I drove I realised the reason I hadn't seen these houses before was because I usually came along this road in the summer when the trees are in full leaf and the hedges and bushes are rich with foliage and the houses are hidden from view.

But now the trees had shed their leaves and I could see the houses very clearly through the branches.

In one short drive the Lord spoke to me so much ...

He showed me that we need the warmth of the summer months - but I want to spend my time outside in the sunshine. It just seems that when it's light and warm I can find lots of things to keep me busy, things that need doing or places that I'd like to go to and I spend less time with the Lord. Despite the fact that it is so light I see less of what He wants for me because I spend less time reading the word and less time talking with Him. My life becomes one of busyness, not fruitfulness.

In the winter months when it's cold and dark I don't want to go out much. I am content to stay at home, pottering around and I find I spend more time with the Lord, reading His word, talking with him and listening. Despite the dark months I see more of what he wants for me.

At times I also put a hedge up around me and I know that if the hedge is taken down again I can see where the Lord wants me to be.

Who would have thought that a drive, a 'For Sale' and SOLD sign would have such spiritual significance.

Thank you Lord.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord for the birth of my beautiful granddaughter - Olivia Erin 9lb 7oz born 10.19 pm yesterday.

Only picture I've got on computer at the moment but isn't she adorable. This was taken only a few minutes after her birth.

Monday, 4 May 2009


Oops, well, I did something wrong, maybe someone can tell me what I do if I write something and save it as a draft to amend later. I Did that with my last post 'I can see clearly now' but it has published the post underneath the Easter one because I'd typed it before that one and decided I'd publish it later. Maybe I was supposed to change the date somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.
Have a blessed day.